We have presented our products: Aviasta® and Clipzip®.

Interesting people, new ideas and long conversations makes IFAI EXPO 2022 truly a unique opportunity!
We have presented our products: Aviasta® and Clipzip®.

Today the market offers many products and ways to fasten the fabric to the tube; most of these are installed by lateral insertion.
Aviasta® is a patent pending product made by Plastex, easy, safe and stable solution that guarantees the installation of the fabric without having to disassemble the system.
Differently of other products, Aviasta once installed into the tube allows a longitudinal positioning.

During production process AVIASTA® could be assembled manually and automatically with an appropriate wheel.

The Clipzip® system from Plastex was created in Switzerland in 2010 as a technical evolution of a Japanese product which introduced on the market the use of a zip hinge as a vertical sliding guide for the so-called zip screen roller blinds.

Plastex innovated this lateral guide made of thermoplastic material.
Three spring models named CLIP make the ClipZip® system precise and adaptable to any construction solution, an ideal reference for designers and installers both for projecting and installing.


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