AVIASTA® is a new standard designed to fasten technical fabrics to the motor tube of a wide range of awnings and zipscreens.



Today the market offer many products and ways to fasten the fabric to the tube; most of these are by insertion from one side of the tube resulting in long installation process. Aviasta® is the easy, safe and stable solution that guarantees the installation and disassembly of the fabric with extreme simplicity, bottom-up and without having to disassemble the system.

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Copyright 2022 by Plastex SA. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022 by Plastex SA. All rights reserved.

AVIASTA® – Your new added value for both installation and replacement

In the production departments AVIASTA® is easily installed with the appropriate wheel, but it is well suited to automation for high productivity assemblies, in case Plastex will be happy to support your needs.

On the construction site AVIASTA® allows the fitter to operate easily even from below, drastically reducing replacement times.

The 10 advantages of AVIASTA®:

  • Guarantees an excellent seal along the entire pipe groove.
  • Ideal for maintenance / replacement of the curtain with the possibility of insertion and anchoring from below.
  • With AVIASTA® you install the awning sheet in the motor tube and with simple left/right movements you easily find the correct position.
  • The use of AVIASTA® avoids the showy wrinkles or horizontal lines that are created when rolling up the fabric on the motor tube.
  • Thanks to its versatility, installation times are now 5 times shorter.
  • AVIASTA® can be available for all motor tube sizes.
  • AVIASTA® is heat-sealable at 160°C, highly flexible, UV-resistant, suitable for use in high-temperature environments (90°C), and once welded to the fabric it does not twist or wrinkle.
  • Suitable for all commercially available sun protection fabrics such as PVC/PET – PVC/FG – PET – FG.
  • AVIASTA® is supplied in rolls of 200m and thanks to its special packaging is always ready for use. The palletisable packaging is easy to locate, optimising warehouse space.
  • AVIASTA® passes tests carried out by major welding machine manufacturers, details of use available on request.

Its exceptional properties include:

  • Greater stain resistance
  • Excellent hydrolytic resistance
  • Increased adhesion to the fabric
  • SubstrateIimproved mechanical properties
  • Higher thermal stability
  • The fabric can also be wound lengthwise

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