PLASTEX is thrilled to unveil its latest sustainable initiative.

PLASTEX is thrilled to unveil its latest sustainable initiative. As a company, we acknowledge our fundamental obligation to protect our planet, and we are committed to take action. We are proud to introduce our new solar panel plant, which will enable us to generate clean, eco-friendly energy that will benefit not only us, but also our community and the world at large.

This innovative plant, erected on the roof of our headquarters, spans over 1’000 square meters, with the capacity to produce 180,000 kWh. Our cutting-edge technology ensures each individual panel can generate up to 405W, boasting an impressive module efficiency of 21.1%. Moreover, our multi-busbar technology provides better light trapping, reduces series resistance, and increases current collection, maximizing overall efficiency.

We believe that sustainability should never cease to be a goal and strive to integrate it into every step of our production process. Plastex solar panel plant is just the beginning of our goal to reduce our carbon footprint and implement eco-friendly business environment. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, healthier world for all.



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