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TAG: our information holder


Information holder

We are proud to present our product TAG. This is the perfect solution for holding your documents and display norms. Ideal for lists, announcements, norms, rules, menus, organization charts, certificates, etc.

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TAG: colored wall document holder available in 3 formats

The document is protected by a removable transparent sheet. It is available in 3 different formats, A3, A4 and A5. The document holder can be installed everywhere by using various fasteners like screws, nails, hooks, double side self-adhesive tapes, or magnets.

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Easy display your COVID-19 informations and guidelines

Recent safety guidelines due to COVID-19 have made mandatory a more clear and visible communication regarding security procedures anticontagion, suggestion, and corporate rules. Help you display your information more easily and correctly, by facilitating the visitor to identify quicker the message also thanks to the chosen color.

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