Extruded, injection-molded products: designed and developed with specific thermoplastic materials. Their specificity allows for architecturally innovative, functional and integrated solutions in your solar shading systems or for your blinds.


AVIASTA® is a new standard designed to fasten technical fabrics to the motor tube of a wide range of awnings and zipscreens.
Today the market offer many products and ways to fasten the fabric to the tube; most of these are by insertion from one side of the tube resulting in long installation process. Aviasta® is the easy, safe and stable solution that guarantees the installation and disassembly of the fabric with extreme simplicity, bottom-up and without having to disassemble the system.

In the production departments AVIASTA® is easily installed with the appropriate wheel, but it is well suited to automation for high productivity assemblies, in case Plastex will be happy to support your needs.

On the construction site AVIASTA® allows the fitter to operate easily even from below, drastically reducing replacement times.

Supplied in rolls of

Heat-sealable at

ClipZip® System

ClipZip® a unique and innovative solution for zip screen shades systems.
Plastex’s ClipZip® system was born to improve the technical functionality of zip screen and solar protection shade systems, not only for designers but also for installers. It indeed offers a unique combination of tools that improves the efficiency of the installation team, and the result is clear: better productivity.

This exclusive system of dampening springs can avoid fabric bagging thanks to a versatile load adjustment. It keeps always well in tension your screen giving a very good-looking aesthetic to the whole system. It is also suitable even for extreme weather conditions.
Tech&Stretch: The Revolutionary system of dampening springs guarantees a perfect tension and long life to your technical zip roller blinds.

Operating temperature range



Our line of extruded and co-extruded profiles available in different solutions, various shapes and colors.
A wide range of profiles for external metal venetian blinds, transforms such a small detail into an exclusive advantage for your products.

Thanks to their particular design a total acoustic control is granted, during the opening and the closure of lamellas, due to the long-lasting flexibility of the profile. The ideal solution even in case of strong wind and adverse weather conditions.

Born in 1967 to protect the metal, today reached its latest evolution bringing Plastex to be the pioneer of the technical know-how of such profiles.

Customers consider the material utilized one of the big advantages showing high resistance in a wide range of temperatures and high UV exposure conditions.

One single coil

Resistance to up


Our smart side guide rail for zipscreen systems.
A smart active side guide rail for Zipscreen, based on contrasted pushing springs, completes the ClipZip® system. When flush to the wall installation is needed 7second® (Seven Second) is the answer, with no screw at sight.

You get a quick and easier installation and maintenance process. Patented system and new materials keep blinds in perfect tension for more than half million cycles.

Seconds to get ready

Projects that adopted

What are Zip - Sun Shades and where do I use them?

The Zip – Sun Shade is an architectural solution for outdoor spaces: safe, elegant and durable. So named by its inventor because the half of a zip is welded to the fabric and inserted into side guides that guide the fabric along the full height of the blind, allowing the blind to be rolled up tightly. And keeping the fabric in tension along its entire height. This system provides stability and protection in hot summers as well as in cold winters.

How does CLIPzip work?

CLIPzip is an adaptive adjustment system of the fabric tension, thanks to the assembly of special clips or springs. The ease of intervention even during the installation phases of the sun shades makes the ClipZip® system versatile and a safe reference for manufactures as well as installers. With 4 different resistance values, the clips: First, Biflex, Maxi and Mini, are undoubtedly the easiest and most reliable solution on the market today (hassle free). A unique, revolutionary system, patented on 4 continents. (The ultimate shade solution for any outdoor or window systems).

Are Zipscreens wind and weather resistant?

Using ClipZip® by Plastex, the sun shades can be used practically and efficiently even in winds of 130km/h and in operating temperatures between -30°C and +80°C at all latitudes. However, as our products are only a part of the zip-system, we recommend that you carry out comprehensive tests before guaranteeing your products. Consult us for any further details.

How long can the dimensions of the CLIPzip guides be?

Our system is used with surfaces of up to ~30 square metres (30 square feet), with a width of 7 metres (21 feet) and a height of 4.60 metres (14 feet). Sun shades up to 15 metres (45 feet) high have been made with our guides (case history available on request). Our side guides can also be delivered in 35ml continuous bars. Upon order and customer specification we can supply customised guides.

Where can I buy CLIPzip?

Europe: Lugano;
China: Zhaoqing;
USA: Baltimore.

China, Singapore, USA

Contact us for more info.

What are metal external venetian blinds and where do I use them?

Venetian blinds, consisting of thin, adjustable metal slats, are extremely durable sunscreens that allow you to: regulate the lighting of rooms during daylight hours, prevent prying eyes, and influence summer heat protection. Durability, but above all acoustic functionality features, affect cost-effectiveness because you do not have to worry about buying new window coverings for a long time.

How do Plastex AQUSTIC products work for Venetian blinds and sunshades?

The different geometries of metal slats require customized solutions and configurations.
LIPPEN is Plastex’s answer: the raw materials, the design of the profiles, the the monoextruded or coextruded solutions with which we make our LIPPENs guarantee not only a perfect seal against light but also total acoustic control during the opening and closing of the slats, thus allowing for a rigorous packing. They are the ideal solution even in strong winds and adverse weather conditions.

When is U-FLAT used?

Venetian blinds are external slat systems, laterally directed in guides that guarantee stability when opening, closing and in windy conditions. U-FLAT is a unique solution, a standard for side guides. Its special patented shape and the technology of the raw materials with which it is made allow in just one step, the final one in assembly, to ensure that the slat pack stays quietly in the side guides and glides smoothly when being packed in.

Durability of Plastex AQUSTIC products for Venetian Blinds and Sunscreens?

The raw materials used for manufacturing have been on the market for 25 years. The products are tested in accredited laboratories for 3’500 hours which correspond to ~ 10 years. Plastex currently undertakes to verify these conditions, however it does not issue guarantees but only certificates.


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