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Innovation, research, development, when ideas should take shape.

Development of new ideas

“An innovative solution takes shape from an intuition based on experience and passion for polymers . Since 1949, Plastex accompanies its customers in the design and thanks to the extensive experience of our staff, the choice of the best solutions. All this with time and cost advantages”.

Marco Lombardini
President & CEO


An innovative product which allows to achieve effective cushioning systems, capable of resisting high pressures and guaranteeing a long duration over time. It easily adjusts to existing production systems and it is very easy to assemble.


A bi-component gasket with high acoustic and insulating performances. Thanks to two different plastic components and a well-balanced profile design, this gasket makes insertion easier and improves workability while reducing the gap between the blades during folding.

Added value plastic solutions

The development of innovative solutions for plastic profiles always pursues a clear objective for our Company: we indeed want to offer to our customers a clear and measurable benefit from our work. It is such an incentive that drives our teams to always achieve top performance. Whether in brainstorming or production, experience from projects already implemented in a wide variety of industries flows into all our work.

Production tolerance for plastic solutions

For us as a developer and producer of plastic solutions for various industries, precision is a must. We adhere to ISO certifications and all our raw materials are RoHS & REACh certified. This means that our clients can always be sure that our products meet industry tolerances for the end application.

Tools for tailored plastic profiles

If you want the best profiles, you also need the best tools. For this reason, our internal tool shop is very well equipped to design tools ourselves based on the respective profile design, simulate them and have them manufactured. In case of complex designs, Plastex can also boast of a network of experienced and reliable partners that guarantee the fastest delivery times. Our process engineering samples the profile in series production. Profiles can be made of several plastics as “mono” or as “coex”. The complexity of the tool depends on the geometry, the material, and the running meters. Each geometry requires its own toolset. Tools from Plastex plastic profiles open up many advantages for you:

  • Own service and internal repair workshop
  • Tools for mono-, co-extrusion and hybrid products at a high-quality level
  • Optimally protected and automated storage of tools
  • Targeted consideration of project budgets and specified unit costs
  • Verifiable competence in tool manufacture, 20+ in-house tool developments per year

Plastic solutions redesigned

Opening new horizons with an experienced partner is a promise of the greatest success. So, if you want to improve the technical features of your product to the next level leave the well-trodden path with the development of new plastic profiles and expand your position in the market, we will provide you with experienced professionals and material specialists. They are very familiar with rethinking plastic solutions. To do this, they use creative techniques to sketch out initial and sometimes somewhat unusual ideas. These are refined and optimized in the course of development with the client. In this way, ideas are transformed into process-reliable plastic solutions that pay off in use.

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