Further Solutions

Our additional and exclusive products portfolio.


Further Solutions

Not only packaging profiles and sun shades systems, but Plastex also offers a wide range of products and we are ready to develop even more in the future. You can find here some of the important and innovative products that we have been already producing for different customers in distinct business areas.


A gasket made of a special material which can be cut and rejoined immediately, simply putting its ends into contact. This allows to achieve user-friendly assemblies, without using glues or heat. Moreover, due to its energy efficiency, the product can be used in buildings certified as “Minergie” (CH) RT 2012 ( F ).


A wide range of plastic extrusion profiles are produced for special customers to indicate maneuvering spaces in the military, railway and roads industries. Such profiles are then finalized with customized colours and patterns.

Gaskets, weather strips and profiles for window and door Industries

Plastex management has been a member of the European Committee for Standardization and such role allowed the Company to get into a market where certified products are an essential.

Plastic Hoses, from capillar to mid-sized

Following our customers inquiries, we’ve developed a specific extrusion technology to produce a wide range of commodity and speciality hoses; such products can be tested in the most severe standards and are NSF approved.

Concrete specialties profiles

Taylored product developed for the needs in the concrete building construction industry.

Perfumers for car

Thanks to the creativity of Mr. Lombardini, the Company launched into the market an innovative perfumer for cars with a typical Swiss Alpine shape and a fragrance refill.


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