7second® is our aluminum side guide for zipscreen, ready to use without machining and with the architectural accessory of integrated lighting.

A tailor-made push&pull system for the best functionality and aesthetics ever.

No post-processing in preparation of the aluminium side profiles, just cutting to size and it’s all fully functional.

Minimal installation and setup, in combination with ClipZip® system a 40% time saving during maintenance is ensured.

Good-looking minimalist effect, the profiles are supplied in raw finish.

The GHOST model is the most appreciated solution for architects since it is flash to the wall with no screws at sight.

The MAGIS model represent the new era for the side aluminum guides quick and easy to install both from the side and from the front, it is the most appreciated by system producers and installers.

The MAXI model has been developed for Clip Maxi to ensure an higher compensation (e.g. for acrylic).

Safe in the event of a lateral impact: the profile cannot accidentally come out of its seat.

7second is available in three variants


Developed for a flush-to-wall solution thanks to its front installation. Minimalist design with no visible screws. Available with our ClipZip® system using our Biflex clip.


A minimal 35mm guide. Made in two pieces, developed for internal and external installations; reversibility allows lateral or frontal fixing without machining.


Developed for Clip Maxi to ensure an higher compensation (e.g. for crystal).

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New clip coming soon.

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