The Company has been in the plastics business for more than seventy years and its brand is synonymous with ethics, technical know-how and experience.

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Plastex is a company that has constantly evolved over the years: thanks to the agile structure and heavy investments in research, we have been able to develop innovative products in 5 different business areas. Being able to follow the requests of our loyal customers with strong competitiveness.

Experience and know-how are our key points and allow us to face the future of our Partner Customers with competence and professionalism.


In most homes and commercial premises the building envelope is the main source of energy loss or gain. Among its various components, windows are a static element, while weather conditions vary continuously. Yet everybody hopes (and expects) to be comfortable indoors all the time. Dynamic shading is one of the essential answers to this dilemma.


We are serving the automotive and electronic components industries since the last 20 years, indeed our core business is to give our customers hundreds of solutions with our packaging plastic tubes.

We served those industries with more than 650 customized projects and over 60 million tubes produced.


The rail industry comprises of sale, manufacture, and operation of railway technology. The world’s railway network spans over 1.3 million kilometers.

Plastex is playing a role in the industry since 2015 and today is proud to have introduced into the market its Pad system that is revolutionizing the sub-rail system.


Thanks to its versatility, Plastex is also able to offer customised technical solutions for the lighting sector according to customer requirements.

The choice of materials varies depending on the specific application to be adopted: for outdoor or indoor, rigid or flexible, coloured or transparent.

Information holder

We are proud to present our product TAG. This is the perfect solution for holding your documents and display norms. Ideal for lists, announcements, norms, rules, menus, organization charts, certificates, etc.

Further Solutions

Not only packaging profiles and sun shades systems, but Plastex also offers a wide range of products and we are ready to develop even more in the future.

You can find here some of the important and innovative products that we have been already producing for different customers in distinct business areas


We are your plus in Plastics, we create a customized solution that fits your needs.
Our technical office, interpreting the customer’s needs, studies the feasibility and suggests possible solutions. Based on this information, our engineer together with the R&D department execute the drawing of the new equipment.
The internal mechanical workshop builds the die and the relative cooling gauge for the correct extrusion of the required profile. The extruded profile can be further customized through processes such as: drilling and shearing, as well as post production tailored solutions like packaging.


Everywhere we look, we see the promise of renewable energy.

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