AVIASTA® ist ein neues Standardprodukt von Plastex, das für die Befestigung von technischen Stoffen am Motorrohr einer breiten Palette von Markisen und Zipscreens entwickelt wurde.

Copyright 2022 by Plastex SA. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022 by Plastex SA. All rights reserved.

Aviasta® is produced with an innovative chemical composition with a strong elasticity also after-aging.

Performing with higher thermal stability, suitable for use in high-temperature environments until 90°C / 194°F.

Aviasta® avoids the ugly wrinkles and the horizontal lines, which appears when the fabric is rolled-up on the winding tube.

Time savings, at least 5 times shorter improving the ratio of operations per day (based on internal tests performed by installers).

Ease of assembly, being bottom-up whatever the way or type of installation.

Aviasta® can be welded with both an impulse and high-frequency machines as well as sewed.

Aviasta® is suitable for sun protection fabrics such as PVC/Polyester, PVC/FG, Polyester,
Acrylic and Crystal.

UV-proof at 4’000 hours (EN ISO 4892-2:2021) guaranteeing long lasting use at all latitudes.

Aviasta® allows the confectioners and installers to roll-up the fabric lengthwise or even widthwise; such possibility allows to deliver the material faster directly with their van instead of renting a long truck.

AVIASTA® – Ihr neuer Mehrwert beim Einbau als auch im Austausch

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